“Sir,I will continue working on salt bricks and animal feed. I will call the existing fellow and talk to her”. Few days later I was in Kandwa, MP and after three was deputed to Pandhana, MP. I remember sitting on her bed on the first day and just talking about random things. We connected instantly. She was here for the last two months of her fellowship and those two months were the best months of my life. I love writing about people who inspire me and she is up there with the very best. This is not a piece of flattery but a small way to tell her what she means to the people here and me.

The way she looks at the world, understands it for what it is, not judging but accepting it makes her someone who you would love to hold a conversation with. Her maturity on another level and it was at times hard for me to put my views across not because she was aggressive but because she made so much sense that it was a new journey towards a more holistic approach on a topic. Her honesty, her love and dedication towards her work made her an example I will always follow. She taught me patience, she taught me to accept, to understand, to empathize, to believe, to live. Her love towards her animals was immense and I will keep frequently updating her about them.

She deserves the very best because she is the very best, a person I strive to become one day. As she left, I felt an emptiness which was shared by our colleagues here at the Aga Khan office. I wish her all the very best and she will always be my guide, my guru and my friend.

Shriti, thank you.