Silverblood woke up in a blue room. The room had heads on the walls and they were alive. It was gruesome and  disgusting but the room had a beautiful hue to it. It took a while for him to get up to speed with his surroundings. “You never know what to expect at my place, never”, came a voice from the corner of his eye. As he turned, he saw two figures, one sitting on a grotesque sofa and another, a beautiful light that calmed everything. He immediately knew he was in between the two most powerful beings in existence. “Hello  Silverblood or Bruce, I like Bruce. I’m the devil, pleasure to make your acquaintance and this is your so called father; God”. The devil smiled in his despicable way pointing to the light. God looked beautiful, words could never describe the calmness he brought to everyone who felt his presence. Silverblood walked up to the light and punched God in the face,”you forsake me while I was down, you did not come to her aid and mine, you left us for dead”. God remained unmoved. “Silverblood, I’m sorry”. God put out his hand for forgiveness but Silverblood spat at it. He immediately took out the axlium and was about to stab God but with a flick of his hand he was on the floor bleeding from the mouth. He rushed to try his luck  not willing to give up and struck again but this time was pinned to a wall with all the faces silent, looking at him. “Now, now, there is no point of this. He betrayed you, you betrayed him, the story goes on and on”. Silverblood dropped to the floor in tears,” You betrayed us, how could you?how could you?”. Silence drowned out the room. ” Welcome to the wining side Bruce” the devil sarcastically applauding without taking his eye off God. “We will rule this world and lets fight the good fight. All I ever wanted was entertainment but he has come to stop it”. The devil smile grew bigger. Silverblood was on the floor dazed. “But now knowing you are on the right side I think it’s time to return, the elders have something to discuss”, and then there was darkness.