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October 2016

Inescapable – Chapter 6

Silverblood woke up in a blue room. The room had heads on the walls and they were alive. It was gruesome and  disgusting but the room had a beautiful hue to it. It took a while for him to get up to speed with his surroundings. “You never know what to expect at my place, never”, came a voice from the corner of his eye. As he turned, he saw two figures, one sitting on a grotesque sofa and another, a beautiful light that calmed everything. He immediately knew he was in between the two most powerful beings in existence. “Hello  Silverblood or Bruce, I like Bruce. I’m the devil, pleasure to make your acquaintance and this is your so called father; God”. The devil smiled in his despicable way pointing to the light. God looked beautiful, words could never describe the calmness he brought to everyone who felt his presence. Silverblood walked up to the light and punched God in the face,”you forsake me while I was down, you did not come to her aid and mine, you left us for dead”. God remained unmoved. “Silverblood, I’m sorry”. God put out his hand for forgiveness but Silverblood spat at it. He immediately took out the axlium and was about to stab God but with a flick of his hand he was on the floor bleeding from the mouth. He rushed to try his luck  not willing to give up and struck again but this time was pinned to a wall with all the faces silent, looking at him. “Now, now, there is no point of this. He betrayed you, you betrayed him, the story goes on and on”. Silverblood dropped to the floor in tears,” You betrayed us, how could you?how could you?”. Silence drowned out the room. ” Welcome to the wining side Bruce” the devil sarcastically applauding without taking his eye off God. “We will rule this world and lets fight the good fight. All I ever wanted was entertainment but he has come to stop it”. The devil smile grew bigger. Silverblood was on the floor dazed. “But now knowing you are on the right side I think it’s time to return, the elders have something to discuss”, and then there was darkness.

Inescapable -Chapter 5

Death was loose and she was alone. She was always alone but this time it felt different. It was always something different but this time she felt broken. She had roamed the world free collecting souls with her reaper. Her reaper, her constant companion, a constant friend, a constant enemy, a constant. There was never a time on earth that they were apart but when she had finished her quota for the day she would return to her lair and the reaper to hers. She was always alone inside but that was what death was, however, it felt like she was missing something, something she could never place and the harder she tried to remember the harder it would get to place it so she decided to call it quits.  This time though it felt different she kept this feeling to herself.

When God made DEATH, he made it to counter the reaper. She was the Destruction of Evil and Adversities Threatening Humans. She fought for centuries against evil and the reaper and saved mankind from many a threats. She stopped wars, conflicts and humanity lived very long. The devil  felt threatened by her and instead of killing her, he wanted to bring her onto his side thus he unleashed the four horsemen and only together could they imprison her. God did not come to her rescue, no one had come. She had come alone and fought alone.

The devil through his powers bound her to the reaper and together they roamed the earth collecting souls. Her horns were her pride not because it made her look menacing but because they were her source of power, her connection to the devil. Death had to exist, she was the only reason the earth was surviving because if she died the reaper would end life and the devils game would be done for. The reaper hated life and everything it stood for. She was the devils favorite child before death and after turning  death into a tool of his, he decided the join the blood enemies together thus one could not do without each other.


Inescapable – Chapter 4

“You have no Idea what you have got yourself into Silverblood”, the Angel Ariel looked into Silverbloods eyes hurt but not broken. “You have betrayed everyone, everyone. Your family, your friends, everyone. How could you?”. She was tied to a chair bleeding. Her golden blood oozing from the wound he had just opened up. They were in a room, surrounded by casters. Casters were the most vicious kind of people given powers to caste objects into anything their liked. Wind casters, rock casters, sand casters. Surrounded by five of the devils own, Silverblood looked unmoved. “I am on the winning side Ariel, look around you. Angels are done for and the good are going to be destroyed. Humanity is finished”. Ariel looked perturbed by what she had heard. “You cannot fathom to begin what we have planned”. Silverblood laughed in a such a scary manner that even the casters quaked in their boots. “What have you become brother?”. “Nothing exceeds the dawn of true life for 3 days is the key to move. Nothing is safe for we let go strife, for we shall find at the bottom of every bridges groove”. Silverblood laughed hysterically while the casters were confused. “Now give me the axlium and let me finish her”. He was about to strike her down when the room shook and the lights went out. A loud explosion enveloped them. Everyone had lost their bearings. The roof caved in and there were screams and then silence. The light caster Memosa lit the room and the rock caster Rocque started to remove the rubble. Ariel was gone. Silverblood was on the ground, the axlium in his chest and his left foot under the rubble. He was barely breathing. The aircaster Artemis created an air-cushion around him and slowly lifted him into the air. Just like the world of Avatar these casters could manipulate materials around them with ease; the devils chosen. “It has missed his heart but this is a very dangerous wound” the healer Contessa observed. “Wait” Rocque came charging through. “Remember what he told Ariel and then the explosion and now she is gone. I have seen many movies. he is playing us”. Memosa looked confused, “Impossible, he killed three angels  with his bare hands”. Roque smiled,”The perfect  betrayal, let him die. I know these so called ‘fallen angels’. I spit on their grave”. “We are loosing him”. Contessa shouted out. “Leave him” retorted Roque. “How can we, look what he has done for us”. Memosa looked worried. “The master will not like it”. I shall answer to him”. “Hes gone”,sighed Contessa.

Inescapable – Chapter 3

“Its been a long time, a very long time. I thought you would never come. I was just watching the series called Supernatural. Thrilling isn’t it, how these humans have such an imagination”. The devil smiled as he watched the life like hologram of Sam and Dean playing out their evil killing spree. “I like the way darkness is projected but what a boring end”. “Why is it that always your side wins in the these television shows but the real world is so much different?”. God had come a long way down into Hell. Well it wasn’t all red and fire as everyone on earth thinks. The room was big, very big. Unlike the fire and all the red that we mortals imagined for centuries. It was disgustingly beautiful and horrible, ironic in every way. The devil, a shape shifter, never met anyone in the same form, never. This time he Met God in the handsome form an actor ‘Jason John’ whose character killed the devil in another hit show ‘Unwalled’. The walls of the room were adorned with the heads of every type of human, every cast, creed, sex. The head of humans from the age of fifteen were on one side. He had numerous minions who made sure they were well groomed but what was even more scarier was that the heads were all alive. All shouting and screaming. They helped the devil think. Gods heart broke every time he saw them but they had their chance and this time God did not take his eye off him. The number of souls entering the gates of hell was phenomenal. At least 100 times more than the number entering Heaven. The center table was intrinsically horrid. It composed of two mortals, a man and a Woman in their thirty’s in an ‘X’ overlapping each other. They were forced into a back stand with their hands and feet glued to the floor. Such sadistic pleasure could only be enjoyed by the so called king of all. With a drink in hand, sitting on this green sofa too gruesome to describe cheekily called out “Shall we begin?”

Inescapable – Chapter 2

“Run, Gabriel Run”. Faster than the Eyes could see, faster than the wind could talk. Gabriel ran as fast as she could across the universe, passing the stars, faster than warp as the humans would say. The world was in silent chaos and with only a few angels left. God had called all of them back but one. He was going to meet the devil and try for the billionth time to change his plan for humanity. Gabriel has been on Earth for generations and she has seen the destruction that man had slowly brought onto himself. Men fulfilling prophecy or in other words ‘fulfilling the devils plan’. The devil from time to time would unveil small details of his plan just to see how people would react and men called it ‘Prophecy’. More game for the hungry. After all, he knew the outcome and no one was as powerful as him, none. He watched how God tried to fight him in every small way. He won many battles and lost few, some purposely so that false confidence would spur God on. The movies, the television shows all depicting the devastation of evil brought a smile to his face. Such irony, joyous irony.

Gabriel knew she had to run faster. Panting on reaching Heaven, the last bastion of hope hidden from everyone and revealed only in dreams she called out to Hadraniel, the Gate Keeper. “The password please”,”Bless  the unblessed for they fight , through showers of blessings indeed”. Haniel on seeing Gabriel, rushed to her side, “any news?”. “Where is he? take me to him now”, she shouted. God immediately appeared. He looked tired but his light beautiful and full of love. “Lord, Siliverblood is in, he is in and he wanted me to give you this”, handing God a scroll. He smiled for only the one intended to open it could. He unfurled the scroll and a small handsome angel arose. He spoke, unheard to anyone but God for the scroll could only be eligible to the one it was intended for. Precaution upon precaution for no one could be trusted, no one. Once he was done, the small angel bowed down and as he slowly fell asleep, God smiling painfully handed the scroll over to Raziel. “What is it God?”, Gabriel and Haniel inquisitive as ever. God looked at them with such love in his eyes,”our final play has started. Its time to meet him”.



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