Silverblood walked along the river, broken shadows following Him. The ripples reflecting the atrocities he had seen. The water cold at the touch. He let the cold water burn the fires in him. Reanimated contours plotting a new path, a new direction. He slowly wade through alone hoping for the touch of lifes embrace. It was then that he saw her. She swam towards him. Her movements water in water, a perfect blend of nature and humanity. Not moving, he waited for her to come close. She saw him and said’ “Would you kill to save a life?”. He replied, “If there is no other way then yes”. She turned and looked afar and said, “I wish it were different” and plunged the dagger into his heart, whispering in his ear, “I love you”. His voice losing its strength as he called her name one last time and it went black. Black.

He kept falling into this pit. The fall was long, the fall was slow. The only question he had was, ‘am I falling or rising’?. His sense of direction failing, flailing, fading. Her kiss his last embrace of life, her lips his last sight of sunshine, those word his last goodbye. Why? he kept falling, why? Loud silence enveloped  him. Bright darkness, why? And he awoke.

He awoke staring at this crystal ball. The mangled remains of a lady looking at him, scaring the dead night lights out of him. He was awake. “Do you know where you are?”, his response darker, “Do you know where you are?”. The room started to shake for he knew she was confused. He remained unmoved. In bewilderment she said,”You sound confident”. His smile returning quietly got up and walked towards her. “I am the life of death”.

She was lost. He continued “You expected me to say what you wanted me to say, expected me to follow every story before me”. The figure shook with anger and then a wry smile engulfed her,” I judge people on their life so let me change it. I won’t judge you. I won’t judge you as you have already judged my judgment of you”. Silverblood was scared but was smooth on the surface. The roof and the floor split open. In suspended reanimation his smile widened. “who are you?” She asked with amusement. He replied eerily,” the life of death and I”…

The world around him went dark. Darkness had trailed him for a while. He landed on a ground of steaming blood. “Silverblood, I have been waiting for you”, this beautiful voice from behind the smoke hums a tune he cannot forget. The song that played when she first asked him to be hers. To be her light and her life. “I know you”. The voice suddenly behind him changes direction faster than thought.”Would you kill to save a life?” Silverblood smiled through his confusion. The red eyes approached him slowly, silently, its horns dastardly. He smiled,” this story is new to me”. Death was staring him in the face and she was beautiful. “You have come a long way Silverblood, these are not your hallowed grounds”. “My hallowed grounds can wait; I have come for something, something that’s mine”. Her smile echoed through every part of me. ,”Who are you?” Looking into those dead red eyes he replied, “I am the life of death”.

“I have come for your heart”. “She looked bewildered at the screaming walls and then it began. The beating, the agony, the hurt. It was painfully beautiful. She threw him around like a rag doll but all he did was smile. Time flew by, such irony in a place that’s timeless. Death was beating the life out of him and all he wanted was to beat the life into death. Even though she had that vicious look in her eyes, he could see her defenses crack. My smile; blood red. It was then that he saw his opening. She had in her delirium forgotten that fallen angels always rise, always. Her smile timeless, apt for this place where she did not belong. She paused to laugh but this time he was ready. He plunged his dagger dripping with his blood into her black heart. “What have you done?”,she screamed. “Will you kill to save a life?” His smile wider. “Remember I am the life of death”.

There was a thunderous scream. Her black heart surrounded them. The red fires turning black and then the stars, an explosion of a million shades of black. Silverblood was back to the spot. Freeze framed at the moment she plunged that dagger into his heart. So beautiful, so elegant. Her movements water in water. He walk around that moment. She and him. At the corner of his eye he could see the dark veiled lady, the reaper, looking at them but she did not know that he was there. He smiled and walked towards her and whispered to her, “I am the life of death, you will let me pass”. Even though she was frozen in time, he knew she heard him. Time unfroze but this time there was no one. The water red around him. The only way for me to get back was through fallen blood and after all, fallen angels do rise. I knew it was not going to be easy. Everything had turned upside down. Everything he had known was not what it was. he had to find her. he had to. His plan had to work. He had to.

 lest all fails…….



Earth was not planned. Humans did not evolve. Everything you have heard is a lie. Everything. When the devil began his war against God, his creation, he had a plan. He was bored, bored of his destruction. His wheel had stopped turning and he wanted game. He decided to turn his  image into what we know as God. God was the mirror opposite of the Devil. Good but not all good. Game needed to have a Streak of evil but the goodness in God was so Consuming that he was overpowered by it and became a light in the darkness, the light. God wanted to end his creator and he made his army. The devil smiled as everything was going to plan.

The devil won many a wars fought. In fact he cherished the ones he lost. But things began to become monotonous. During one of the battles, the shard of his spear, the Osiris, came apart and drifted away. This gave him an idea. He wanted to create something beautiful from scratch and watch it slowly destroy itself. This would keep his boredom away. So he made earth. As a token to his Image, he made light.

He slowly started adding to Earth. He decided to fill it up with the poison of hell; water. Deep down he made sure it was built on Hells foundation; fire. Then he challenged God to add to it. Gods vision of peace was of simple creatures who lived off the poison water, thus the devil could not touch them. The game of chess was afoot. But, there was something missing. Something to add to Earth, something that would give him immense pleasure to watch burn, something that would eat itself up, slowly, ruthlessly. So he made a man and a woman.

Gods plan was to help them but the devil was strong. In the Garden of Eden where the 2 humans dwelt, God had made as a symbol to all; a tree, that would hear every fruit; the tree of life and put his sweetest angel Prometheus the snake in charge of it. Prometheus taking pity on Adam and Eve offered them an apple from the tree. The devil seeing that he was betrayed cursed the snake to eternity, his fangs poison to whoever it touched.

Everything was planned, everything. The tower of Babel, religion. But his greatest triumph; politicians. A powerful set of people with despicable evil veiled by a spectrum of good. They would do small works of goodness to achieve a bigger evil. Despicable, deceitful. God knew he was dealing with a dangerous foe. To some extent, he was able to put in a few good men, but the seduction of power proved too strong to many. They fought wars, killed millions, all for the merriment of the devil. The devil was enjoying this. His greatest creation; man. This game was too easy for him. O! How it feels when a plan falls into place. Such Joy. Turning their own water into poison. He knew that it was a matter of time God would fall. The light would slowly loose his belief in goodness and watching him do so was entertaining and he was just getting warmed up.