Kolkata, oh! Kolkata. Such a beautiful  place, such friends. Yet I can’t find the real person, the one that really matters; Me.

I dream of that girl I share my umbrella with under the beautiful dark sky. Dark? yes, dark cause I want  to be someones light. Light! What light?. Right now all I am is a dark light; lost. I am all but a ray of darkness piercing the light. I am hiding from my true self, why?. Such sadness lost in the glow of, of? No words left, an incomplete sentence. What am I doing? Where am I? Why? Questions that can be answered but would be a lie;I know, I am me.

But do you want to be someones light, when you cant be your own. Where has this path taken me. What do I want to do? Simple questions faced by the world but I am plagued by the anger that vents its frustration which effects the people I love the most. What do I really want? What do I crave? What does life hold in store? Is this a test of some kind?.

O thought, please follow thy lead.What do I want to be?