I put my chain mail on ready for the long battle,

Excitement and fear, my body a constant rattle

I have been through many wars old and new

Scars that bear witness to the battles we renew.

“My soldiers are you ready, our victory is near”,

Not knowing what truly I must really fear,

I go through our plans, every last detail,

Every last attack, I know where I stand.

My will like steel, hope by my side,

Even though deep down I swim against the tide,

A tide so strong, I pray that we are not swept,

For by me these men so fervently have leapt.

We prepare for battle.


I walk alone, my body does tremble

I look back at my men, the best that can assemble

Long nights that has become a common sight,

Into the next we have carried on our fight.

“Prepare yourself men, victory is near,

Leave nothing behind, our road is clear”

“Prepare your selves for this new day,

“We fight to the end, come what may”

I hear cheers of encouragement, cheers of pride,

As we March to our battle side by side,

We March into battle.

Our opponent draws near, the screams I hear,

Hoping our blood runs cold with fear,

They shout, they mock, their armor shine

They outnumber us, yet my army holds its line.

I call on their leader, a truce we can agree,

This air of hatred we all can set free,

She leads her line, so radiant, so bright,

This angel, this Goddess, this eternal light.

“You meek being, you will be totally crushed,

My sword will be the last thing you will have touched”

She turns away, swiftly, such a scary form

Not a sound to be heard, it’s calmest before the storm.

We begin our battle.
The battle is long; I slay many a men,

Yet more keep coming, ten by ten.

With every sliver of light, I gain some lost hope,

But with every fleeting second, I don’t know how I’ll cope,

Cope with this feeling, that this may be my last,

A dark cloud over me, its shadow has cast.

It is then I see her, I see my end

I am the last, that she has to tend,

She draws her long sword, the fiery tip races towards me,

Her every move faster than the eye can see.

The dance of death, we play out loud,

All that we have are bodies as our crowd.

She takes me by surprise, a move I did not see coming,

All I hear is the bittersweet music the battle keeps humming,

We finish our battle.


I need to leave, I cannot continue this,

I need a life, a life of bliss.

I love you so much but I need to leave,

We are at the end, where happiness we cannot retrieve.

We cannot move on, I need to end this here

This was the day I was in fear.

Our battles have been long and very hard,

And I had played my every last card,

I had no moves left, she was right,

I had nothing left, nothing more to fight.

She turns away for the very last time,

From then on I can never call her mine.

My battle ends.