Where holding back your Imagination is a CRIME


February 2016


I looked far into the night,
Wondering if love was real,
Imagining a future so bright,
Lost in its glory,
Limbering up to its beauty,
Amazed by stories that had made me believe,
Led by your light I followed,
With wonder and amazement I was ensnared,
Admiring your smile, your eyes,
Yielding to your call,
Swooning at your touch,
Lowering my shields, I let you in.
Obliterating anything that came in my way,
Vanquishing any thoughts of letting you go,
Efficaciously entrapping me,
You are my sun, I revolve around
Overseeing any deficiencies I had
Unshackling my heart,
Absolving me from the anger that had gripped me tight,
Never letting me go,
Numbing my happiness,
Ecstasy and joy a constant follower of you,
Tender lips that call on me
Together we shall fight tomorrow, for I am
Eternally yours Always

I live for your love

My love is etched in the sands of time. Memories fade away at the sight of new ones. New ones of you, that make the pain go away. Love lingers in your waters, rejuvenating me at every drink. I lay down in the hope that some day your mine, you my only motivation as the days go by. My thoughts are at sea, washed by your waters. Cool, calm pure, your silhouette gleaming against the sunset. Your my light, keeping my fire burning. I will wait for you till it’s put out.
The waters glisten with your light. I am drawn to you like a bear to honey. Words escape me, your music captivates me. I stumble, fall, cry out but you wash away all my pain. My bones call out, my eyes dying for your sight. I am blind. My tourniquet to my open wounds. You saved me from my desolation .

My Princess- Command me.

I saw flashes of my life in your eyes,
Stronger than steel, it pierces my heart,
My heart beating ever more rapidly at its every glance,
Memories of happiness come flooding back,
Stories yet to be etched are taking its shape,
Rivers yet to flow making its way,
Intoxicated by your sight, your eyes my sea,
My boat sets sail on those calm waters,
Each look a look of such beauty ,
Dear princess, command me

Your every wish my command,
Your smile my joy, your laughter my achievement,
Your tears my sorrow, your hurt my torment.
Your eyes give you away just enough for me to sink into your thoughts,
Your touch an explosion of colors that draws on my every breath,
My princess, command me .

I may not be the main character in your book,
But a chapter is all I want to be,
A story of my loyalty to you,
My fealty to my princess, my love held back,
It’s readers may know the truth of love lost to the epitomy of time,
But true love never loses its shine,
Your eyes my solitude in this prison I’m held behind,
My heart a volcano that cannot erupt,
My princess I am yours, command me.

Don’t loose hope

We trudge on paths less taken, a path of insatiable hunger. We fall, we get hurt, painful memories linger. Yet we trudge along slowly, steadily. Our hearts, our minds at constant war. Our emotions fathom are darkest fear, a primal instinct of escape. Yet we trudge on the path less chosen and all we have is faith and hope that follow.

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