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January 2016

When silence is truly forboding

The death chains rattle our inner most thoughts,

the mist adding to the chaos that bares its gruesome teeth,

spreading through memories we hope to forget,

an inner disease we hope to get away from,

death, darkness and dismay follow firmly behind,

the silence is truly foreboding.


We constantly run into things we fear,

people of our past re-emerge who shatter our fragile thoughts,

our angst, our hurt, our fearful selves emerge from that fearful mist,

that the death chains rattle its grim entrance,

we scratch at our nearest escape

which is a mirage of hope lost in its shadow,

the silence is truly foreboding.


Wake up, wake up, we call out from within,

wake up from this insipid mess of thoughtless disregard,

thoughts that leave behind a vile mess,

Our struggle is within, our heads a battlefield

with no victor but a myriad of loses,

that culminate in one giant mess, US.

With no friend in range, no one to share,

the silence is truly foreboding.






There is no light at the end of the tunnel

I walk along with my head held low,

anger, disdain and pain a constant reminder,

love my biggest friend turned foe, emotions my strength turned weakness.

I walk slowly lost in the nothingness of time that frowns on me as it passes by,

knowing that I am my own worst enemy.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but how long the tunnel, I do not know.

I cry out for help but loneliness has snared me in its vicious snare,

the tunnel with its light at the end, so far, I cannot walk,

I’m scared with the notion of not reaching it, I’m scared.

But then I feel this warm embrace, I turn but find no one there.

Its holds me close, I can feel it breathe, my heart flutters with its cool touch.

I stand still and wait for I know not what.

I hear its voice and it tells me to walk, each step more fervently into the dark.

The light still far, I do not care cause on this journey I have my new companion.

The darkness claws at you with more vigor, it will not lose this fight,

though I walk in the shadows of fear, I feel a surge of energy.

My friends spurs me on, it strengthens me, it guides me.

All off a sudden, this tunnel fades away, a light encompasses me.

I realize I don’t have to walk to the light as there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

It hits me hard that there was no tunnel, no light at the end of this long journey.

My fear walled me in, trapped me, showed me its own dark light.

A cunning trap it leads me astray on a path that sucks away all hope.

But as this feeling removes all blinds, the truth of life dawns on me.

I realize with horror that I don’t need to find the light, it finds me cause I am the beacon

of everything good, everything the lights needs to survive.

A journey it has always been on, but I made its journey longer.

The light slowly surrounds me as I change from fear, anger, disdain.

The change is not easy but I turn again to ask “who are you?”.

The voice in its angelic voice says “I’m faith, now walk










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